SEEN Library: A Journey Offline
August 2023

On a summer Friday in July, we joined forces with LA-based Seen Library to bring our community together for a moment offline in London, spending the afternoon connecting with creatives over beautiful finds and curated books.

Guests were brought together at the Garden Museum, a calm oasis set along the River Thames often overlooked by passers by. The setting for our offline moment took place in the sheltered courtyard garden designed by Dan Pearson as an ‘Eden’ of rare plants.

Choosing books based on its content, not its cover, guests perused and selected books on  the theme of ‘Life’s Journeys’, exploring clues on physical journeys, journeys with others, and introspective journeys.

We dined at the Garden Museum Café, a slow-food destination with a changing menu of locally sourced ingredients, run by Head Chef Myles Donaldson, previously at St John and Noble Rot. Source tip - don’t skip out on the homemade rosemary focaccia  and summer fruit pavlova.

Whether it’s the stories we read, the connections and conversations we make, or the pieces we wear, we see the beauty in the journey towards finding things that we’ll hold on to for a long time.