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getting started

How do I use Sourcewhere?

We’re the first fashion sourcing app, a place to find and request the beautiful things you’re looking for - past and present, new and pre-owned.

Powered by a network of personal shoppers, sales advisors, and private collectors, we connect you to those who can access in-demand and timeless items, so that you can source fewer, better pieces that you’ll keep forever.

Using the app is simple:

1. Download the Sourcewhere app and create an account.

2. Place requests for that one that got away.

3. Browse and discover finds from the curated edit of brands sourced by the Sourcewhere network.

How do I sign up to Sourcewhere?

In order to create an account with Sourcewhere and begin your sourcing journey, you must download the Sourcewhere app from the App Store, found here. Once you’ve downloaded the app, select ‘Become a member’ on the welcome page and fill out required information. It’s that easy!


How do I make a request?

Ready to request? Here’s how.

‍1. Tap the 'Request' icon in the navigation bar and select a brand from the drop down list, as well as the corresponding category.

2. Select (or search) a style that has already been requested by the community, or scroll down to 'Request a new style' and upload a photo and add a style name.

3. Confirm the colour you’re looking for, as well as the material and desired size.  SourceTip: You can select more than one size and condition to broaden the chances of your item being found.

4. Submit your request to the network! Our team will review and confirm it first so that other shoppers can source the item too.

5. Sit back and relax, our network is now on the search for your request. Once a sourcing expert has found your item, or has further details for you, you’ll receive an email and push notification that a sourcing expert has sent you a message in the app. Head to the 'Sourcing' section on your navigation bar and respond as soon as possible to the sourcing expert.

*We kindly ask that you only create requests for pieces you intend to purchase. You can currently have three active requests at any one time.

Can I make a request or view items available to buy without an account?

Once you download the app you can preview available products in Sourcewhere by selecting 'Continue as guest' on the sign up page. However, you can only request items and complete purchases by signing up to Sourcewhere.

I want to request more than one colour of an item?

To make it as clear as possible for sourcing experts to find your item, it is only possible to create one request per material or colour. However, you are free to make as many requests as you like for the same item if you are looking for it in different colours or materials.

I've already been told the item is 'sold out', why is it available on Sourcewhere?

Our community challenges the words 'sold out' because what might not be available online may be available from a seller in another location. Want to make a request? Download the Sourcewhere app here to begin.

How do I delete a request?

We understand things change and kindly ask that you remove your request as soon as possible, so that our network doesn't continue their search. To delete a request, head to the 'Request' button in the navigation bar and select the item you wish to remove. Scroll to the bottom and press 'Delete'. Your request has now been removed and the network has stopped their search.

How quickly will my request be found?

This really depends on the product being requested, and we believe that beautiful things are worth waiting for.

It could be as fast as a few hours, a week, or more than a month for some incredibly rare or limited items. But one thing is for sure, sellers can see what you’re looking for at all times no matter how long ago the request was placed, so as soon as it’s available you’ll be notified.

Once you’ve received a match for the item be sure to act swiftly if you want to purchase - rare items are highly sought after and tend to go quickly!

*Make sure your Sourcewhere push notifications are enabled to never miss out on a find.

I want something from several seasons ago, can I still request it?

Absolutely! We want you to have the best chance of finding your dream piece, past or present.

If you can’t see the specific product style you want in the request form, complete it with the information you have and we’ll check and confirm the details for you before your request is placed.

Once I've matched with a seller, can I hold or reserve the item?

As products on Sourcewhere are in high-demand, you cannot hold or reserve the item. Our sellers operate on a first come first serve basis, so be quick to respond to the sourcing experts chat in case someone else has made the same request as you! If you are no longer looking for the item that has been found, please make sure to delete the request from your account to ensure you're rating is not impacted.

How can I follow the status of my request?

Simply log in to the Sourcewhere app and go to ‘Requests’ within your account.

You’ll see one of below status’:

AWAITING APPROVAL: Your request needs further information and is being reviewed by our team.

REQUESTED: Your request has been received and can be seen by our network of sellers.

SOURCING: a member(s) of our network has found a match to your request! Respond to their messages in the 'Sourcing' section of the app.

Does it cost anything to make a request?

Requests are free on Sourcewhere. With that in mind, we kindly ask that only serious requests are placed. To keep our constantly sourcing network in the know, we ask for you to remove any requests you are no longer on the search for as soon as possible.

Once an item is found, a sourcing fee will be added to the item price for time spent on the search. Each professional sourcing expert adds their own sourcing fee when they find an item - this ranges from a fixed rate fee, to a percentage of the item price which is usually between 10-20%.

Kindly note that all items requested will be sourced at the retail price, with the sellers sourcing fee added in the final price. Pieces are often sourced from outside of the country that the seller is located in and therefore additional costs may be included.

How will I know when my request has been found?

This really depends on the product being requested, and we believe that beautiful things are worth waiting for.

It could be as fast as a few hours, a week, or more than a month for some incredibly rare or limited items. But one thing is for sure, sellers can see what you’re looking for at all times no matter how long ago the request was placed, so as soon as it’s available you’ll be notified.

Once your item has been found, you will receive a message in the 'Sourcing' section of the app from a sourcing expert in the network. Within the chat, you will be able to request additional imagery, ask questions and purchase your find with a secure payment link.

*Make sure your Sourcewhere push notifications are enabled to never miss out on a find.


Not ready to request? You can now save the items you've been eyeing, and source them later.

Simply use the bookmark icon to save an item to your favourites list, available to browse under the Account section of the app.

finding products

I can't see a brand I'm looking for?

We believe in a less but better approach to finding luxury items, which is why we have a curated edit of brands on Sourcewhere at this time.

However, we’re always looking to add more brands to our platform as we grow. Have a suggestion for a brand you’d like to see? You can let us know here.

How do I find products on Sourcewhere?

We like to keep things simple. With Sourcewhere, you can request anything from our curated edit of brands or browse the latest Finds sourced by our network..

Want to create a request? Head to 'Request' in the bottom navigation bar, + New in the upper right corner and fill in the request form with the relevant information. If the product is being requested for the first time, our team will then review and confirm your request. Once live, you can follow your request journey under’ Request’ in the navigation bar. You’ll be receive a push notification (be sure to turn them on) and email as soon as your item has been found by a member of our trusted network of sellers.

Looking to browse and see what the network is sourcing in real time? Select ‘Finds’ in the main navigation bar to discover items that are available to be sourced or ready to be purchased and shipped right away.

How do I pay for my sourced item?

When communicating with a sourcing expert in the 'Sourcing' section of the app, once you have communicated and confirmed that you wish to proceed with the item found by the sourcing expert, you will be sent a secure payment request within your chat. The payment request allows you to quickly secure the find. Good finds go fast and we recommend securing the item as soon as the payment request has been sent.

How do I chat with a professional seller?

You can initiate a chat with a seller in the community via the ‘Finds’ section of the app, if an item is available to source. All active chats will take place in the 'Sourcing' section of the app.

Why has someone unmatched with me?

There are several reasons a sourcing expert has decided to unmatch with you. These reasons can include a seller no longer being able to source the item, or if you haven't actively responded to them.

To avoid an unmatch and risk of a negative rating, we kindly ask that you remove any requests you are no longer searching for as soon as possible. A request results in the network spending time searching for your find. Think you were unmatched with by mistake? Drop us an email at

I've had an issue with a seller

Your safety on Sourcewhere is of upmost importance to us. We encourage all Sourcewhere users to act with kindness and will not tolerate any usage of inappropriate behaviour.

If you have an issue with a seller, please unmatch with the user by selecting 'Sourcing' in the navigation bar and swiping the conversation you wish to unmatch from. Once you've selected the reasoning for the unmatch, click the chat and select 'Report an issue'. A member of Sourcewhere will be notified and will be in contact with you immediately.  

product information

I need more information about a material or colour for a product.

All items on the 'Available' section of the app will have a seller listing note for the exact specifications of the product. If you require further information, you can scroll to the bottom of the listing page and select 'Message' to send the sourcing expert a question, or simply send an email to

How often are new products uploaded?

New products are constantly uploaded by our network of sourcing experts, archive collectors and boutiques, all of which are visible in the ‘Finds’ section of the app.

What are 'Finds'?

‘Finds' are the items our network are currently sourcing in real time. Rather than making a request, you can simply shop a constantly refreshed page of items straight away.

Items showing the ‘Source’ icon means that the seller can get this item but requires you to let them know you are interested by sending them a secure sourcing enquiry. Items featuring the green and black 'Buy’ logo means that the seller has the item available and ready to ship and you can purchase right away.

Have a question in regards to an item in 'Finds'? Drop the seller a message by selecting the product, scrolling to the bottom of the page and pressing 'Message'. You will then be directed to a secure Sourcing 1-1 message.

How does Sourcewhere curate products?

Sourcewhere curates the items on the platform using the following categories:

MOST DESIRED: Trending items in high demand

RARE: One off, limited or vintage items

TIMELESS: Classic items that are continually requested every season

Is everything on Sourcewhere authentic?

Absolutely. Our aim is to be the most trusted platform to source in-demand luxury fashion, which is why we only work with a trusted network of partners.

Unlike other marketplaces, our network of sellers only consist of verified personal shoppers, boutique partners, and professional collectors. All sellers are individually pre-verified by us, and must have an existing reputation for selling and sourcing luxury fashion items.

We take sourcing seriously and have a zero tolerance policy for fake goods. In the unlikely event your product is found to be fake, you will receive a full refund and the seller will immediately be removed from our network.

We only work with professional sellers who are officially registered retailers and vendors with a reputation for selling authentic luxury fashion. This also applies to any professional vintage collectors who sell on Sourcewhere. Our sellers confirm the authenticity for each product, or your money back guaranteed.

prices and payments

What payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept all major credit and debit cards. Having trouble processing your payment? For any further questions, please contact us via email at

What currencies can I shop in?

At present you can source and shop within the UK and European Union, and pay in either GBP or EUR. You can select which currency you prefer to shop in, as well as change at any time by going to ‘Account’ and then selecting the settings icon in the upper right corner.  Orders will always display the currency in which it was bought in.

Please note that the seller you purchase from charges in their local currency, so it's best to note and be mindful of the daily conversion rates that apply.

Why are there multiple prices for an item?

Our network of sellers on Sourcewhere set their own prices, which are inclusive of a sourcing fee for time spent on the search. In some cases, these pieces are only available to source in different parts of the world, and therefore the prices are vary depending on where they are sourced and the seller’s time in shipping an item from one location to where they are first, before listing that item on Sourcewhere.

In most cases, sellers will add a sourcing fee of approximately 10-20% to the retail price for the time spent locating these hard to find items.

How do I view prices?

You must have the Sourcewhere app downloaded to begin viewing prices. Once downloaded, you can select 'continue as guest' at the login screen to preview the app and see prices for items in the 'Available' section.

We recommend going ahead and creating an account so that you can enjoy the full Sourcewhere experience and view price ranges on some of the communities most requested items, as well as place your own personal requests! Make sure to download the app here and sign up.

orders, shipping and returns

Will I have to pay for customs, duties and taxes charges?

Sourcewhere is not responsible for any additional fees relating to customs, duties and taxes, and the buyer agrees to bear all related costs at the point of sale. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the item can be legally imported into the destination country. Regulations may prohibit importation of items made with exotic materials.

How do I report a problem with my order?

Have an issue with your order? Go to your account and make sure you are on the toggle labeled 'Orders'. Next, select the order you would like to enquire about and scroll to the bottom and select 'Report a problem'. Alternatively, please e-mail SourceCare at with the order number in the subject line and we’ll get back to you.

Why has my order been cancelled?

While Sourcewhere strongly discourages our sellers from cancelling orders, there are some circumstances in which sellers are unable to fulfill them. If your order is cancelled you will be notified via e-mail and the full amount will be refunded to the original payment method. If you still wish to request this item, you will have to resubmit a request. Please email if you need any assistance.

What is Sourcewhere's shipping policy?

All items sold on Sourcewhere are sourced and shipped by UK and European sellers. Our sellers aim to confirm all orders within 72 hours. The shipping window is then between 3-10 business days from the seller to the buyer. The seller will aim to note the estimated delivery window to keep you in the know.

The shipping costs are calculated by each individual partner according to the origin of the product and the delivery address.

Sellers are only permitted to use a tracked and insured courier including but not limited to:

DHL Express

As soon as the seller has updated your order with the tracking number, you can follow it’s progress using the link in the email provided.

What countries do you ship to?

At present our sellers ship within the UK and European Union. We’re looking to make this worldwide as soon as possible, so watch this space!

It's been a few days and the seller hasn't shipped, what now?

We are constantly working to ensure all sellers ship as soon as possible. Our sellers average delivery time to you is 3-10 business days from the order date, however it is always their aim to get the item to you sooner. If the delivery window is longer than expected, you can drop the seller a message in the 'Sourcing' section of the app or contact a member of Sourcewhere team at

Do you have an eco shipping option?

We believe that the luxury fashion industry should be responsible for their environmental impact - therefore, we ask our network of sellers to re-use shipping boxes and minimise all packaging and plastic where possible. If you’re able to re-use them too, even better!

What is the return policy?

Sourcewhere works with a network of sellers, each of whom all have their own return policy.

Please be sure to check the seller’s return policy on each listing, which will show either that returns are accepted or that the item is final sale.

Please note that items listed as 'Final Sale' cannot be returned or exchanged.

If a seller has listed an item as eligible for a return, please follow the 'Return' link in the order details page, and the SourceCare team will further assist with your return.

your sourcewhere account

How do I change my email address?

To change your e-mail address, please get in touch with us via e-mail at Alternatively, you can create a new account by signing up with a different e-mail address.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, please click on your account and select the settings icon in the upper right corner. You will then be able to edit your profile and reset your password. If you’re having issues resetting your password, please contact and we will be able to assist you.

How do I access my account?

Simply open the Sourcewhere app and login (or create an account) and tap ‘Account’ in the lower right section of the bottom navigation bar (don’t forget to add a profile picture!) Here you will be able to access your saved items, orders, and edit your profile information and account settings.

How do I delete my account?

We're sad to see you go! To delete your account with Sourcewhere, head to your account in the app, select 'Settings' then 'Personal Details'. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press 'Delete account' in red. Please know that deleting your account is final and cannot be undone.

general updates

Brexit Updates

As the UK has left the EU, customs charges will now apply. Please check at the point of sale where the seller is based, as duties and taxes are not included in the final price and may be charged upon delivery. As per our Shipping guidelines, the customer is responsible to pay any charges due upon delivery.

I’m a customer in the UK:

> If you are in the UK purchasing from a UK seller, no charges apply.

> If you are in the UK purchasing from an EU seller, customs charges will apply.

I’m a customer in the EU:

> If you are in the EU purchasing from an EU seller, no additional charges apply.

> If you are in the EU purchasing from a UK seller, customs charges will apply.

Need an answer? Reach out to for any additional questions.