Welcome to SourceSounds - curated playlists by our resident DJ Claire-Marie Astruc.
The New York-based, Parisian DJ exclusively sets the sourcing listening mood with Volumes 1-4 of Sourcewhere’s in-house playlist. The story? Sit back, relax, request. Press play.

Sourcesounds Vol. 4

Aimed to evoke the alluring atmosphere of the coast, this playlist starts with mellow tunes and gradually builds, mirroring the transition from a quiet day to an upbeat evening.

Featuring a blend of French artists and international tracks, the general feel is like a fresh summer's night breeze in your can't-live-without dress found on Sourcewhere. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a sophisticated ‘aperitivo’ – whether you’re on an NYC rooftop at sunset or unwinding in Marseille after a day at the beach.

Sourcesounds Vol. 3

Inspired by “new year, new energy”, the playlist centres around feelings of all-things-calm and serene. From atmospheric New Wave and Electronic beats to old classics, beautiful sounds await.

Sourcesounds Vol. 2

The curation of music is half house, half disco with all the high beats to elevate your mood wherever you may be.

The playlist opens with fresh, dream-like sounds that takes you to a late Summer afternoon after a day at the beach.

SourceSounds Vol. 2 has a happy-go-lucky, good vibes only mood with a mix of new, contemporary artists such as Poolside and Gang, to old-school favourites from the 70s and 80s including Rene & Angela, Serge Gainsbourg and Sandy Marton.

Sourcesounds Vol. 01

Sourcewhere is all about finding your next piece from somewhere - so I wanted to start off with dream-like notes and slow tempo tracks as an introduction to the mood. Plus, it’s still winter after all. We all need some calm and coziness.