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Meet Sophia Roe, the Copenhagen-based Founder and Creative Director of The Garment, known for her effortless and understated style. Taking Sourcewhere through how she sources pieces present and past, Sophia shares her timeless references to note, the finds beyond her wardrobe and the pieces and places to treasure, old and new.

Photography: Phillip Messmann
Styling & Finds:
Sophia Roe

Fig. 01


What is the last piece you sourced and how are you styling it?

I always choose timeless finds over trends, and of course it’s no secret that the miniskirt made a comeback and became a trending item of late. Miu Miu is a house with so much history and I can draw countless references to the miniskirt and the many ways it can be styled. There are specific editorials from which the miniskirt dates back to that are a big inspiration to me and therefore, it makes this piece easy to implement into my existing wardrobe. The fabric itself is classic, and classic for Miuccia Prada, so that makes it a timeless piece to me.

Fig. 01: Miu Miu Mini Skirt

Source Sophia's Collection


What was the last piece you requested and are currently on the hunt for?

To continue the story of the Italian house, I have just requested a Miu Miu x Disney knit from their exclusive collaboration in 2021. It’s a piece I would wear with socks and loafers as well as a pair of high-heeled boots for evenings out.

Fig. 02: Maison Margiela Tabi Loafers in Black
Fig. 03: The Row 90s Bag in Ivory
Fig. 04: Miu Miu x Disney Knit
Fig. 05: Comme Si Socks

Fig. 02
Fig. 03
Gab Waller wearing Miu Miu shirt
Gab Waller wearing Miu Miu shirt
Fig. 04
Gab Waller wearing Miu Miu shirt
Fig. 05

The fabric itself is classic, and classic for Miuccia Prada, so that makes it a timeless piece to me.
Fig. 08
Fig. 09


What’s one outfit you’ll always consider to be timeless?

The combination of jeans and a t-shirt is never boring. What makes it interesting to wear over and over is to create and reinterpret silhouettes with these very simple pieces. Jeans and t-shirts come in many forms, and how you accessorise it really decides the story.

Fig. 06: Sophie Buhai Small Nautilus Ring
Fig. 07: Chanel 2019 Denim Painted Bag in Black
Fig. 08: The Row Montero Jeans in White
Fig. 09: BODE Lobster Bake T-Shirt

Fig. 06
Fig. 07


What is your most styled past season or vintage find and what meaning does it have for you?

I once bought a pair of Oscar de La Renta shoes which were very inexpensive, not knowing that they would eventually turn out to be my favourites. They are very versatile when it comes to styling them - I team them with anything from dresses to jeans, or lace trousers such as this pair from Jerome Studio.


Your favourite current season find and how it works with your existing wardrobe

My favourite collection this season is, of course, The Garment AW22. I styled the collection exactly how I would wear it - it’s classic yet modern, with an eye to the detail and mix of materials that compliment each other.


How do you source your art and homeware collection?

I am very fond of mixing vintage with new, just as I do with my closet. I am a huge fan of Mantel, a curated vintage homeware space from London. Additionally, I source most of my furniture and accessories from Louise Roe Copenhagen, my mother's gallery.

Gab Waller wearing Miu Miu shirt
Gab Waller wearing Miu Miu shirt
Fig. 10
Fig. 11


What are you listening to and reading of late?

My close friend Claire-Marie always curates the best playlists and many nights out in New York dancing has been to the beats of one of her sets! I listen to everything from Techno to Classic, Jazz and Country. Svaneborg Kardyb is a Danish band which plays often on my hi-fi at home on Sundays.
To read, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle is my favourite read on vacations.

Fig. 10: Heaven, Svaneborg Kardyb
Fig. 11: The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

Jeans and t-shirts come in many forms, and how you accessorise it really decides the story.


What's a locals only tip for your favourite city?

Starting with breakfast at The Roe Bar, at my mother's gallery in the centre of the city, followed by biking in Dyrhaven, a swim in the sea, and ending the day with pasta at Mangia - this is my idea of the perfect Saturday in Copenhagen.


A new or old place you’ve been to that inspired you?

Villa Necchi in Milan which I often visit during business travels in between shows or meetings. I always fall in love with the mix of materials with the architecture and their beautiful garden.


You’re getting ready to go out. What’s always in your bag?

Keys, credit card, my favourite Hermès lipstick which I use on my lips and cheeks, AirPods and a lighter. I don’t bring very much on-the-go with me, because I always prefer to choose a small bag for the evening, but all the essentials can fit!

You’re heading from a gallery to a meeting to a shoot. What are your go-to comfortable shoes?

Classic Chanel ballerina flats, always! They’re comfortable and chic, yet effortless.

You’re packing for your next trip. What piece from The Garment are you taking with you?

My Oslo dress - I use it as a dress when warm and as a sweater over t-shirts and jeans when cold. It really is a seasonless piece.

Fig. 12: Chanel Ballet Flat
Fig. 13: The Garment Oslo Dress

Fig. 12
Fig. 13


You’re responding to e-mails. What is currently on your office desk?

Too much! Old show invites which I can’t get rid of, crayons, cameras, tape, books - you name it.

You’re having people over. What is your favourite drink?

It’s not a drink, but it’s a drink. We have a lot of local wine bars and small shops offering a fun selection of natural wine which we always go for when having guests over at home. To be honest, I am better at drinking it than choosing it, and I am an aesthetician by heart so I always go for the prettiest bottle labels.

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Source Sophia's Collection